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Clear Naked Glam Apron With Pockets

Product Dimensions: L: 28” W 11" (Top) / W 25" (Bottom)Product Details:

Full see through hairstylist cape

Purchase this apron to make the perfect post for social influencers, videos, and pictures for a standout glassy look!

Fully adjustable crossback apron. Spray with sanitizer or wipe it clean. This multipurpose hairstylist apron is great for hair models and photoshoots. Use this see through apron to enhance any visual imagery.

Express your style with this clear hairstylist apron. Capes By Sheena clear apron is designed to keep you dry. It’s fashionable, waterproof, and lightweight.

Entire apron made to be sanitized.

Protection and Fashion Altogether: - This unisex clear apron provides protection while finally showing off that cute outfit you wore to work. You make the compliments happen for your clients - now show off your look and feel the love too!

Get one for your friend, family member, or co-worker and enjoy the smile on their face after they open this perfect hairdresser gift.

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