Yellow and Black Apron Set


  • Cape
  • 63” L x 53” WWaterproof

    Chemical Proof

    Lightweight Side-Pocket Aprons:

    36.5″ L X 26″ W


    Chemical Proof

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Product Details:


63” L x 53” W

Nylon Capes are the best alternative to disposable capes.

Quality made and machine washable (Hang dry recommended for longevity)


Waterproof & Chemical Proof

Extra-large coverage

10 snap options (fits small children and adults)

Lightweight Side-Pocket Aprons:

36.5″ L X 26″ W

Adjustable waist and neck

Chemical Proof

2 Side pockets

*Matches Cape

COVID-19 Guidance: Nylon capes and aprons (non-porous) can be washed/dried or may be disinfected with a spray disinfectant. (Check with your local licensing department for instruction)

This matching cape and apron hair cutting set are great for professional hairdressers and barbers. Stylists prefer capes and aprons that match because stops their products from blending in with the rest. Capes By Sheena offers the best option for barbershops and hair salons. This combo pack is perfect for cutting hair. Both products are waterproof, offer the most coverage keep clients dry and comfortable. Hair will not poke through these products.

Perfect gift for hair stylist or barber: If you want to thank your hairdresser for cutting your hair or have a friend just getting into barbering, this quality hairdressing cape makes an amazing gift. Whether they are a pro or just starting out, every stylist should add this extra-large cape to their haircutting set.

Try these quality hair capes today!