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1 Shampoo Cape & 1 Side Pocket Apron set

(3 customer reviews)


5.00 out of 5

Shampoo Cape & Salon Apron Set

Multi-Purpose Shampoo Capes & Aprons

Waterproof shampoo capes

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Our black chemical cape and apron set are waterproof and competitively priced. A great cosmetologist starter set.

3 reviews

  1. Ethel

    I have never worked in a beauty salon, but have been cutting my husband’s hair for years. This cape works. With this set I also got an apron which also keeps me protected from clothes. Love the color of cape. Completely worth when considering the price.

  2. Daniel

    These products are great! I was in doubt before purchase because only image of apron is missing. But after buying I got to know the quality. It is much better in originality. Even that the black apron in the set works great for me. Highly recommended!

  3. Brayden

    These are just great and very affordable. The picture was not clear ordered anyway. When I received it was more than what I expected.

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