Burgundy Cape


Cape Info:
length 68″
Width: 59″
Back length: 17″ – 23″
Closure: Snap Closure
Waterproof, bleach proof, chemical proof
Washing machine safe, hang dry

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THE BEST UNIQUE STYLE PERFECT FOR HAIR SHOWS COMPETITIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA POST WHY THIS COLORFUL GORGEOUS ACCENT TRENDY HAIRDRESSER BARBER SALON CAPE: If you are tired of your salon wear blending in with the others? Then add these perfect quality colorful capes to your collection of professional equipment. Buy for your team or just yourself. Don’t blend in with the rest, these salon barber capes will have you standing out and looking extra good in those social media post.

ACCENT HARDWARE TO MAKE YOUR CAPE SOCIAL MEDIA READY: This cape features multiple accent hardware designs which is perfect to have in all of your social media post. Use this cape however you prefer cutting, coloring or shampoo, this cape is waterproof. It’s a great tool for cosmetology and barber students and makes a great salon uniform or gift.

PERFECT GIFT: These trendy unique colorful capes look great on everyone. Adult men and women. The snaps on the neck make it fully adjustable and it works great for salon or in-home use. The lightweight waterproof fabric, along with the snap closure style, makes it a versatile and useful cape for any barber or hairdresser. Anniversary, birthday or company event this will make the perfect gift!

WATERPROOF, HAIR-PROOF & CHEMICAL-RESISTANT: These capes from Capes by Sheena are made with heavy-duty, durable cloth that protects you and your clothes from harmful and staining substances. With this cape, you don’t need to worry about chemicals, or hair trimmings.

TRENDY AND EDGY: These unique designs and patterns will have you looking effortlessly edgy and new!

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