Large Waterproof Red Black Animal Print Cape


  • Waterproof & chemical-proof material
  • Supreme multipurpose design
  • Perfect for men & women
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  • XL CAPE SIZE: If you want to build up a supply of useful hair-cutting accessories, Capes by Sheena is here to help. Add this amazing, extra-large barber cape to your beauty kit today! At 68” L x 59” W, it’s significantly larger than the competition and perfect for protecting your clients while styling their hair. Whether you’re giving a serious cut or a simple clip, this cape is a must-have.
  • MAKES A GREAT HAIRDRESSER GIFT: If you want to thank your hairdresser for cutting your hair or you have a friend just getting into barbering, this quality hairdressing cape makes an amazing gift. Whether they’re a pro or just starting out, every stylist should add this extra-large cape to their hair-cutting set.
  • WATERPROOF & CHEMICAL-PROOF MATERIAL: It’s important to protect your clients from dye, other hair-coloring supplies, perm solution, and anything else that could ruin their clothing or damage their skin. This cape is both chemical-proof and waterproof, which makes cleaning up a breeze. Your clients will always stay dry and comfortable with Capes by Sheena.
  • SUPREME MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN: This cape offers more protection than any of the competitors and it’s an excellent tool for anyone who cuts hair professionally or for their family at home. It’s a great cape for cosmetology students and looks extremely professional with multiple color options. If you want to give your clients the luxury treatment, our capes are a great start.
  • PERFECT FOR MEN & WOMEN: This cape works well for adult men and taller boys. It’s also the perfect way to help your lady clients protect their clothing while getting their hair cut. Each cape features several neck snaps to ensure a comfortable, adjustable fit for everyone who wears it. You’ll never want to go back to regular-sized capes!


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