Yellow & Black Matching Set Animal Print Cape & 2 Pocket Apron


  • SLEEK & FUNCTIONAL SALON BARBER MULTIPURPOSE CAPE & APRON: Are you looking to add quality hairdressing supplies to your collection of hair tools? This excellent cape and apron set is perfect for washing, cutting and styling hair. It’s a great addition to any barber or hairdresser’s salon or barber shop. Buy this set for yourself or your shop to save $$$ throughout the year, while you maintain that professional clean quality look.
  • THIS MAKES A GREAT GIFT or GIFT SET: If you want to give your hairdresser or salon owner a thoughtful gift or you’re looking for something useful to give to a friend new to the industry or on their shop anniversary, this cape and apron set will make a wonderful gift.
  • WATERPROOF, HAIR-PROOF & CHEMICAL-RESISTANT: These capes and aprons from Capes by Sheena are made with quality durable cloth that protects you and your clients clothes from harmful, liquid and staining substances. With these capes and aprons you don’t need to worry about perm solution, bleach, hair dye, or hair trimmings getting on your clothes.
  • THE LIGHTWEIGHT APRON: This apron features 2 convenient storage pockets perfect for holding a supply of shears, combs, and other small necessities in your hair cutting kit. Use the sturdy strings to tie the apron however you prefer. It’s a great tool for cosmetology students and makes a great salon uniform.
  • THE X-LARGE CAPE (68” L x 59” W) : At 68” L x 59” W, it’s significantly larger than the competition and perfect for protecting your clients while styling their hair. Whether you’re giving a serious cut or a simple clip, this cape is a must-have.

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  • Are you tired of undersized plain salon capes that blend in with other salon capes? These are more than color, at 68” x 59”, this cape will help to protect your taller long hair salon clients from water, hair dye, and other chemicals. If you want your customers to see the difference in their hairdresser or barber, try this extra-large trendy, colorful stylish unique cape from Capes by Sheena. At 68” x 59”, it’s significantly larger than any of its competitors and will fully cover any individual. It’s bright and colorful and made from waterproof and chemical-proof material, making it ideal for protecting your hair cutting clients from dye, bleach, perming solution, hair product, water, and stray hair trimmings. They’ll leave your salon or barbershop completely dry and comfortable and standing out in your social media post. This cape is made with smooth, sleek fabric and works well for both men and women. Each cape is reinforced with 10 snaps on the neck to ensure the perfect fit, no matter who is wearing it. If you’re a cosmetology or a barber student, this cape is a great tool to start building up your supply of beauty products and tools. It also makes an excellent gift for any hairdresser or barber in your life. If you’re extra close to your barber, this cape is a perfect thank-you gift. It’s also a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for anyone in your life who is just learning to cut hair or who wants to establish a barbershop. Unlike regular capes, this cape offers full-body coverage and will keep your clients from picking up itchy, uncomfortable pieces of hair during a haircut. If you want your social media post to stand out from the others, this yellow and black animal print cape is a must-have for you. Try it today!


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