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About Sheena

Only The Best

Looking for the best hair capes and denim aprons?

Capes By Sheena products are made with durable material that lasts. Available in a wide range of styles and the flexibility to customize with your logo and artwork; custom aprons and capes are perfect for extending your brand presence.

The Beginning

I started by riding around in my car with my daughter driving from door to door selling hair capes and aprons to any salon, barber shop or cosmetology school in need; while working two other jobs. Yes, the STRUGGLE was REAL. And it still is #collegemom.

Throughout the years my customers expressed how hard and expensive it was to advertise their own brand; consequently, a few years after selling only capes and aprons I decided to personalize them too! Branding is important. When I would walk into a 7-Eleven between knocking on doors wearing my personalized apron people would stop and ask if I was a stylist. Listen, branded capes and aprons work! So contact me today to order yours!

Custom Orders: Email artwork/logos to:

Capes that cost between $7-$10 are not well-made. It’s the quality products that save you money. At you can expect to shop only the best hair capes and crisscross back aprons.