new clients

How to attract new clients to your salon?

Growing the business means more clients walking in the door of your salon or spa. Marketing is the number one concern for salon owners. When you are not getting enough clients, you certainly need to try out several promotion tactics.

Who is an ideal client?
An ideal client who:

  • Absolutely loves the treatments that you offer
  • buys from you at regular intervals
  • is easy to service
  • keeps referring you to their friends and relatives

Here are some basic ideas to attract more clients to your salon:

Go for a robust loyalty program
With a great loyalty program, you can lure in a lot of potential clients. In case you already have a program currently, you should try to enhance it by adding some extra elements. It should be really worthy of your customers. A great loyalty program can be simple. You can schedule three haircuts, get one half off. You can reward your clients with a point system or some sort of a giveback. This will ensure they shall remain loyal to you and come back to your salon.

Go deep with networking
Do not hold back from going out there and network. Today there are so many social online as well as conventional networking groups in various areas. Take advantage of these networking sources. Most of these online communities are even free to join. You can consider bringing plenty of business cards and introducing your own company or the one you represent. It will certainly add new heights to your beauty business. Networking works everywhere and the beauty industry is no exception.

This way you can harness the formidable networking power of social media. The advent of social media has meant business people are more willing to engage. You can chat and share ideas as much as you can.

Ask for referrals
We humans are not into the habit to ask for business in general. However, when you have a happy client, you should make sure that they spread your name around! Certain times your clients get so busy with their daily routine that they simply forget to spread their word of mouth.

Waiting for referrals is no good. Try out everything to spread the word of mouth. You can send out a few e-mails to your VIP clients who love you but have not sent any referrals your way. Make sure to keep it short and to the point. Do not be afraid to ask. This strategy can also be true for past clients. You can re-connect with them and have them come in for a service.

Make sure to capture leads
Make sure to get a contact form on your website. Without it, your business is going nowhere. You could have hundreds of web visitors who want to hire your salon or spa services. The sad part is that they can’t get in touch with you unless you have a contact form.

Customers usually prefer filling out their information through a contact widget. Most of them might not consider giving you a call right away. When you do not have a contact form, your potential client might just leave your website and never come back. Sad but true! Thus, a smart way to capture leads is to provide your customers with an eBook, a guide, or a free consultation.

Develop blogging ideas
One of the most effective ways to develop your business is to diving into blogging. When you offer free advice through a personal or company blog, it will always be appreciated by your readers. In fact, this is a long-term strategy that involves offering ideas, feedback, or just plain advice. It is a tried-and-tested approach that builds new relationships and acquires business over time.

This approach certainly takes time to build. You can build up your business yourself as the expert in your industry and become the one to follow. You might even consider to guest blog on a leading online spa magazine. This will get you a tremendous amount of feedback, giving you a good deal of potential clients as well.

Build partnership with other agencies
Networking is the major point here. When you meet the right people who can refer your services through their company, you can consider to partner up with them. Suppose you know a salon owner who doesn’t offer massage services. However, it might be a service that you provide. In case you have a good relationship with that salon owner, they may consider to refer you. You could then return the favor and refer them back to that salon. This is often considered a win-win situation for both the business parties.

Make sure to buddy with the right partners for maximum new business. This sounds obvious. But look for businesses which target the same customer audience as you.
In usual, business partnerships are not quick-fire marketing tactics. Your aim is to build trust and strong relationships.

Optimize social media
It is a proven fact that social media is a free and potential advertising tool. This way you can create a lasting impression on your followers. You can share your work on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Suppose you got a new hairstyle, you can share an image on your social media platform. This will be viewed by a large audience in a very short time. This is the power of the social media. It is a great way to stay in front of your customers. You can reach a fresh lot of new clients without hustling much!

You can consider running a contest. Keep in mind that any competition of sorts can possibly increase your customer base manifolds. In case you are not convinced, you can check out some of the most successful Facebook contests that skyrocketed with results.

Make brilliant offers
You can come up with good offers before you approach the prospective business partner. You can think through all the practical steps and the offer terms and conditions in advance.