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  1. Perfect gift for hair stylist or barber: If you want to thank your hairdresser for cutting your hair or have a friend just getting into barbering, this quality hairdressing cape makes an amazing gift. Whether they are a pro or just starting out, every stylist should add this extra-large cape to their haircutting set.
  2. Looking for the cool denim apron? You found it. No more neck pains with our cross back straps. Built with solid brass rivets and grommets. Double stitched pockets for high functionality and durability Highly stylish with a high end look that will make you feel like one of the pros. Our Unisex Apron presents you the most temperate and helpful – provides protection to both the waist and the chest portion. Standard in the business made from 100% denim material, this custom cooking apron denim is ideal for home, business, and mechanical employment. Our all-rounder Bib Apron can be used for multiple purposes. Regardless of whether you are a devoted cook intrigued by culinary expressions, or filling in as a painter, barbecue host, or need some security from the components, this perfect coffee shop or barista multipurpose apron fits all. The adjustable neck strap is convenient and can be easily altered to the most suitable length. This denim bib apron will have the capacity to keep your garments clean underneath. Now you can enjoy your cooking and working experience without worrying about spillages and dirty clothes. This protective gear is a must have for any chef, artist or shop/factory worker. If you want to avoid this mess, our kitchen apron is the perfect choice for both men and women.
  3. Unisex
  4. Multi-purpose
  5. Fully Reversible (black backside is chemical proof)Waterproof
  6. Two Hidden Pockets on Backside
  7. This apron can be worn around the neck or as a crisscross back harness
  8. This comfortable multi-purpose gray jean apron with pockets is great for hair professionals, gardeners, chefs, and it’s great for barbeques. You can trust this waterproof apron to keep you stylish and dry. This apron has multiple pockets to assist hairdressers, barbers, and cooking pros with any project. These aprons make the perfect gift for everyone. Buy one today for yourself or a friend.