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Denim and Cross-Back Apron Options

Do you own a salon, barbershop, restaurant, or woodworking shop? If so, you need a durable apron to protect yourself during your work. Even if you simply want an apron for your time cooking at home, this accessory is important.

The right apron will be durable, flexible, and easy to use, and Capes by Sheena offers just what you need. Whether you want a denim apron with pockets or a cross-back apron with pockets, we have over a dozen options for you to choose from.

Our Aprons

We have crafted aprons and capes from durable materials in order to provide high-quality products. You can choose between an apron, a cape, or a matching set of both, and you can even customize your products with your own logo and brand name if you would like. All of our aprons come with pockets so that you can store your tools and equipment within easy reach.

These are the ultimate aprons for whatever you need.

Scroll down to browse through our selection of aprons and capes. Choose between our cross-back apron, denim apron, and nylon apron, and choose the color that is best for you.

Contact us to learn more about our crisscross-back apron with pockets.

Capes By Sheena Denim Aprons are perfect for Cosmetologist and Barbers and make the perfect gift.

Capes By Sheena Denim Aprons offer:

1- Two hidden pockets    2- Two ring towel holders   3- Lining to protect from water and hair   4- Adjustable shoulder & wait straps.    

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