About Sheena


I started selling capes and aprons out of my car with my daughter. I would go door to door selling my unique cape and apron designs to any salon, barber shop or school. At the time I was working two other jobs. Yes, the STRUGGLE was REAL. From working double the time I earned enough money to attend the major beauty shows. And it was a lovely experience, I learned a lot about what barbers and cosmetologist wanted. They wanted, large capes, no Velcro (because the hair sticks), light weight, enough snaps (my capes have 10 snaps), adjustable neck and flexible waist closures (because, because, and because). I took it all in while listening to the professionals, the feedback and the criticism.

My customers deserved premium apparel that made their job easier. Good stuff is not cheap and cheap stuff isn’t good. Capes that cost between $7-$10 are not made with quality in mind and most feel like a plastic water bottle. Quality apparel was something I heard repeatedly at the tradeshows, in Long Beach, Chicago and Las Vegas, most of the professionals wanted quality capes that had nice designs and lots of snap closures.


After a while, I began receiving a lot of request for custom orders. My customers expressed how hard and expensive it was to advertise their own brand; consequently, a few years after selling only capes and aprons I decided to personalize them too! Over the years and with their professional help I was able to work out the kinks and simplify the custom order process. Branding is especially important. When I would walk into a 7-Eleven between knocking on doors, people would stop me and ask if I was a stylist. Branded capes and aprons help to spread the word about you and your business.

I’m here for you and happy to help Contact me today regarding custom salon apparel or any questions that you may have.

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We are serving beauty professionals since 2008, and established a sense of trust and loyalty among our clients. We believe in work and made our passed years successful and looking towards foremost years to be more successful by meeting the needs of our clients and customers.

Our products are made up of quality and durable material that lasts for long time. They are available in wide range of collection of Capes and Aprons. We do offer an opportunity and flexibility to customize the salon apparel with your logo and the brand name that establishes branding of your business.

We are offering salon wear to beauty salons and cosmetology schools for years together. We continuously look to offer the trendy products to ensure that our customers are using the newest and latest products in the market and we will work with them to maximize their profit. With our timely delivery of orders, we are appreciated by many of our clients and customers.